Our Solutions

Time & Attendance

Our time & attendance management solution streamlines employee timesheet monitoring, calculation of work hours and collection of time & attendance data. You can set up various types of work schedules/work shifts with this system. It encapsulates human resources management and time & attendance management in one system, making it easier to connect with HR or ERP systems and easily see personalized time.

Access Control

Security can never be compromised ever! And Access control is the best solution, as it can be diversified with any field and scale as a basic element of security. From research institutes, data centers and secure areas to factories, apartments, offices, construction sites, hospitals, schools and banks, access control systems can be a necessity to establishments, attempting physical protection of their property or data from unauthorized people.

Card Issuance

ID Cards are the most superficial form of identification when it comes to individuals. Whether it is an Employee, a student, or a healthcare professional, ID cards can be the best choice, and it is the most economical source of personal identification. STT provides end to end solutions to issue a wide variety of identification cards including simple student ID cards to complex drivers licenses and national ID cards.

RFID Solutions

Go Wireless! Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify and locate objects. RFID can reveal what the object is, where it is, and even its condition. With the support of this technology and information, businesses around the world can increase sales, drive operational efficiencies, and improve customer experience. Applications are limited only by your imagination.

Digital ID

Nice to Meet You is a one-stop-shop solution for digitizing and authenticating identities. NTMY feeds the user with the opportunity to transform all secure cards such as staff id, access control, insurance, business card etc., into a digital format, making them accessible from the comfort of a smartphone. As it is a subscription-based service, the cost can be customized according to your requirement.

Visitor Management Solutions

A one-stop solution for all your workplace reception management requirements! When you are aware of the people flow in and out of your workplace, management turns easy! How you admit people into your premises says a lot about your organization. A Visitor Management system ensures hosts are notified of visitor arrivals. People walking through the door will perceive you as a credible brand—that values their privacy, health, and time. This will meticulously script your reception experience, along with the storage of the visitor data in alliance with security and legal compliance.

Video Surveillance Solutions

We provide “end to end” solutions in video surveillance which include cameras, recording platforms, and more for advanced management and administration. Our robust and scalable platform guarantees video availability at any time. It can be easily integrated with multiple third-party systems and devices in a single solution to manage them centrally. Flexibility makes the system the perfect choice for firms that look for a solution to meet their management needs.

Meeting Room Management

We deliver Meeting Room Solutions in Dubai, and this facilitates wireless collaboration via video in any conference room, training facility or location that you may choose. One can also share any kind of file or content to devices all around the presentation attendants. Manage your presentations by being able to connect, extend, and switch any video device to the display units in the conference centres.

IT Solutions and Infrastructure

Infrastructure Services

STT’s range of infrastructure services is implemented by IT integrators who can comprehend the business, execute services and technology applications while treasuring efficient resource allocation. Our professionals are backed by certified training and dexterities from industry-leading vendors Network and Collaboration: STT provides Wi-Fi, IP telephony, WAN, SDN and video conferencing solutions with our partners Cisco, Juniper and HP