Digital ID

Digital ID

Our Digital ID named ‘Nice To Meet You’ abbreviated as NTMY is a complete solution for digitizing and authenticating identities. NTMY is a limitless opportunity to secure and safeguard Staff ID, Access Control, Insurance, Business Cards etc., digitally and granting the authorities access within the comfort of a smartphone.

NTMY ensures a pocket-friendly subscription-based service for the customers.

In accordance with the present mindset of the people, the theories and expectations about personal and professional life have changed dramatically. Concerns like being cautious to touch and environmental health have been rising significantly. As a result, organizations are been forced to create touch-free zones and innovative access control systems that undefine touch.

Digital Contacts or Digital Identification is being the new norm of the present and it is evident that you may require a digital Id card solution. We deliver you cutting-edge digital Id card solutions in Abu Dhabi.

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