Access Control

Access Control

Physical or information security is quintessential irrespective of the place/facility. Access control is the primary solution that ensures safety and security. We offer the finest access control solution in Abu Dhabi. Our access solutions can be adapted at factories, apartments, construction sites, enterprises, data centres and so on. While ensuring security at the highest level our solutions are easy to adapt to any condition and easy to manage. Plus, new technological advancements keep getting updated on our line of solutions. Currently, our solutions are accommodated with options like fingerprint, face recognition, IRIS recognition, card, mobile credentials etc.

Solution Features

-Zone management (anti-pass back, fire alarm, scheduled lock, schedule unlock, intrusion, interlock, muster)

-Door, zone, and device status monitorin

-User permissions management by each door

-Floor access permissions management (elevator management)

-Real-time event log monitorin

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